About Us

Yeswaa is an application for assessment of different services
(restaurants, cafes, aviation, communications, etc.) to the general
public. In collaboration with professional critics in those areas and
their reviews will be available to the general public free of charge on
the various social means. The public will also be able to interact and
participate and evaluate various services .The application is also
supported by its followers on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
The most prominent aspect of the critics is their expertise in the
various services and in - depth knowledge in those areas in addition to
the various travels to different countries around the world.

Specialized on evaluating Services

Our team of critics will expedite their expertise in the various services and in-depth knowledge in these areas to evaluate different services along with getting the opinion of the public users. Our specialized team will also share their experience to the multiple travels to many countries around the world.

Worth it "Yeswaa"?

Join many users as they share the review of various services that are worth it.. Yeswaa.

The word “Yeswaa

Yeswaa: Is a very commonly used Arabic word that means: worth it! It can be used to describe a restaurant, a hotel, or any other service to indicate if it’s worth it or not. Yeswaa, is your new rating guide to what’s worth it locally and selected major cities around the world.



Share your experience

Yeswaa application is considered by many as an important reference for their travel plans and an easy reference while traveling. The critics share their different experiences around the world for you to enjoy the best experience possible while traveling. Yeswaa also provides the opportunity for travelers to benefit from the experiences of other fellow travelers, explorers, and critics around the world with ease to help share their opinion in various services through the various social means of communication of Yeswaa.

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